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Save Food Waste Day !

This month we are celebrating Stop Food Waste Day on the 27th of April. As the world’s largest food services company, Compass Group is committed to reducing food waste by at least 50% by the year 2030. As a global business we serve 5.5 billion meals a year all around the world and are in a position to make some real changes! Even if the average person wastes only 100 grams of food per day that equates to a tragic amount of waste, which if avoided would greatly reduce the strain on our environment and the community.

Stop Food Waste Day is a worldwide initiative in creating awareness to reduce our carbon footprint and promote food waste solutions. Our team will be promoting various awareness initiatives through the month of April building up to Stop Food Waste Day. Let’s all take the pledge as a community and make a difference not only in Tengiz and Atyrau but sharing with our family and loved ones. Compass Group is joining the world in saying ‘ enough is enough’. Let’s work together to reduce our impact on our environment.

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