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In a service business like ours, our people are our business. Their hard work, commitment and talent are essential to our success.

We want the best people, who share our values, to join Compass, develop their careers with us and contribute to and share in our success.

We are committed to developing our people and creating a work environment that is both challenging and provides real opportunities and support for our people to develop, learn and succeed.

We have the places to work, jobs, careers, people to work with and the experiences to deliver these real opportunities, whether you are looking for variety, to develop a career path or just want to do a great job as part of a team and know that your contribution is valued. If you share our values and have the talent and the drive, we will provide you with the real opportunities to develop your career and realise your potential.

You'll find our operations in the offices of the world's leading organisations; in schools and universities, and in hospitals; at the world's most prestigious sporting events; on oil-rigs or in mining sites. No matter where you are in the world, whether you're in one of our operating units or support offices, there are a number of things you will find in common:

  • You'll find people who are passionate about what we do - the food we serve, the services we provide, our brands, our businesses, and our people.

  • We're very driven and we set high expectations, as do our clients and consumers. This means we expect performance and results, but provide the recognition and sense of achievement to go with it.

  • We try to make it an exciting place to work. Yes, it's hard work, but we aim to have some fun while we're doing it and create a wonderful team spirit that relies on openness, trust and common goals.

So, if you are a 'can-do' person, who thrives on new challenges; likes working in a team within a diverse environment; and consistently delivers to the highest quality, then you'll fit right in and we'd like to have you on our team.

If you would like to apply for future job opportunities, please send your CV and desired position title to

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